Bath / Shower Conversion
Bathtub removed and a custom shower built
Bath - Shower Conversion too
A different angle of the same bathtub removal and shower build
Vanity upgrade
Removal of old 2 sink vanity and installation of new vanity with mirror
Vanity Replacement
Another removal of the old unwanted vanity and installation of a new vamity with cultured marble top
Water closet floor
Replacement of rotted subfloor with new linoleum flooring and the toilet reset
Rotted bathroom floor
We were able to remove and replace the rotted subfloor without disturbing the existing tub and shower
Bathroom flooring
removal of old linoleum and replaced with tile
Bathroom flooring too
Different view of the bathroom linoleum to tile conversion
Bathtub conversion
The old cast iron bath tub was removed and a custom shower was installed
Tub surround
Here the customer wanted to give their boring tub surround a facelift
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