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Affordable Kitchen Remodeling

handle on a kitchen cabinet

Refacing your kitchen cabinets or adding custom inserts is an affordable approach to kitchen remodeling. According to HGTV, a mid-range kitchen remodel in the Carolinas averages above $63,000! That's not what the average consumer defines as "affordable kitchen remodeling". Many homeowners are shocked when they start pricing this kind of project and then lose hope when the cost-realization sinks in.

There are many things you can do to make your kitchen more modern or give it a fresh look.  Believe it or not, simply changing the knobs, pulls, and hinges to a new shape and color can transform how old your cabinets look. Brushed nickel or black give a contemporary feel. Burnt bronze, antique brass, and cast iron hardware can give an aged look if you're looking for an antique feel.

kitchen being remodeled

Adding or changing trim is another way to get a different look in your kitchen. Depending on the trim you choose, it can really dress up the area...especially if it is painted in an accent color to match the decor you're aiming for.

We're proud to now offer custom cabinet inserts that will transform your kitchen from "blah" to "BLING" it a real wow-factor.  If you pick a section of cabinets that you want to make a focal point, some artistic inserts will definitely help you achieve that goal. See how different a set of beautiful inserts change the space:

kitchen cabinets doors after change

In most cases, we can transform your existing cabinet doors WITHOUT having to replace them!  For more cabinet refacing inspiration, see our gallery.


Contact us to find out how we can help you update your cabinets without breaking the bank!


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