band sill rot under bay window
The leaking bay window caused rot on the band sill and beneath the hardwood flooring. We completed a total restoration.
band sill rot repair
Here a common cause of band sill rot was found where the deck had been attached to the house without proper flashing.
Band sill repair
Another band sill repair, but this time at the second story band.
girder joist rot
Wood rotted joists and girder were replaced in this repair
roof rot repair
Failure of the shingles led to extensive water damage and rot to the roof sheeting.
wall rot repair
Poor drainage caused the wall to rot. After rerouting the drainage, rebuilding the wall, and installing protective flashing, this problem was eliminated.
corner rot
Rot repairs made due to a leaking gutter causing water intrusion
fascia rot
Water damaged and rotting fascia and soffit trim
soffit rot
This soffit and rafter tails were replaced due to extensive water damage resulting in rot
window rot
The framing below the sill of this window was so rotted it was crumbling
door jamb rot
The bottom of this door jamb had to be removed and replaced
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