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General Maintenance & Handyman Repairs


new toilet ready for installation

We also do some electrical repairs like changing light fixtures, putting in switches, mounting security or motion sensor  lights, installing ceiling fans, replacing or installation of bathroom vent fans, installing over-the-range microwave ovens or vent hoods, and installing whole house attic ventilation fans.

ceiling fan with light kit installed

Our plumbing services include repairs such as replacing a faucet, installing a garbage disposal, changing out a shower head, minor leak repairs, and changing the wax ring or flange under the toilet.  We even do whole bathroom remodel projects.

mirror hung above a mantle

The term “handyman” means different things to different people.  Some people think handymen only have enough handy skills to hang pictures and mirrors, haul away junk or unwanted household items, put up curtain rods, mini-blinds, or vertical blinds, assemble furniture, put together basketball hoops, and perform other small fix-it items.  Some of our customers call these honey-do items.  Other people think of calling a handyman service for small repairs like fixing drywall holes, caulking, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, painting, staining, and other small household repairs.

dual side-by-side window blinds installed

Here at The Bizzzy Bee, our handyman services include more than the work already listed. We also do almost every kind of home maintenance or home repair you could possibly need.

cap shingle repair on a roof peak

Our skilled carpenters can handle all sizes of wood rot repairs involving doors, windows, fascia, soffits, floors, joists, band sills, and framing. We install interior and exterior doors, windows, decks, trim, shelving, and even pet doors. We’ve re-screened sun rooms, window screens, and gazebos. When it comes to roof repairs such as replacing missing shingles, changing vent pipe collars, replacing flashing along chimneys, dormers, and adjoining walls, we have the know-how and skill to make all kinds of roof repairs.

Standing moisture eventually leads to all types of water damage in and around the home.  To help remove sources of moisture under the home, we have helped homeowners by installing vapor barriers in their crawlspaces (also known as moisture barriers or visqueen).  When the home has standing water either under the house or in the yard surrounding the house, we have come in and installed French drains, run-off drains, and/or sump pumps, depending on the severity of the water drainage issue.

moisture vapor barrier installed in a crawlspace
insulation installed in a crawlspace

Another area that homeowners frequently request our help is with the installation of crawlspace insulation, attic insulation, and pipe insulation. While installing insulation isn’t particularly difficult for the average homeowner, it’s one of those dirty jobs that many people would rather hire us to do.  Crawling under a house and handling fiberglass batts of insulation is a dirty and itchy job to take on.


We’ve listed a very small sample of what we, at The Bizzzy Bee, do on an ongoing basis.  If you need it done, more than likely, we can do it and have done it.  Give us a call and let's see how we can take care of your home maintenance needs.

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