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DIY Interior Painting or Professional Interior Painters?

multiple colors of paint cans with a paint brush

Interior painting provides homeowners with a simple way to decorate their home to suit their unique personality. Painting the inside of your home does more than just add color. The paint colors you choose can give your home a huge facelift, affect your mood and productivity, make a room seem bigger, and increase the visual appeal and value if you’re putting your home on the market.

Some homeowners will choose to do their own interior painting. If you decide to undertake the project yourself, it would be wise to not jump right in and immediately start painting the walls after you've chosen your colors and the type of interior paint you want to use. There is extremely important prep work that must be done, which is often the hardest part of the project. Before a single brush stroke is made, you must first smooth blemishes on the surface of your intended paint areas. You'll also need to protect areas you don't want painted. To do this, you can use painter’s tape to mask off areas that need to be protected from stray brush strokes and plastic to protect large areas from drips or spatters. Neglecting this prep work will make mistakes noticeable for sure!

Some homeowners will become overwhelmed with the amount of effort it takes to do their own interior painting and will hire a handyman service company with interior painters that have the expertise to paint the walls, ceiling, trim, and doors with professional results. If you need a professional to step in and take over, or if you want a qualified painting service to take the project from start to finish, call The Bizzzy Bee today! We’re here to help.



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