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Installing Sheetrock Walls

man nudding drywall tape seams

Hanging sheetrock is one of the simpler home improvement projects for homeowners to complete. Since the sheets are big and bulky to hang, finishing

the joints requires a certain amount of finesse, and sanding the seams produces large amounts of drywall dust, many homeowners will opt to have a professional company, like The Bizzzy Bee, take on their entire sheetrock installation project. Other homeowners will hang their own drywall and hire The Bizzzy Bee to come in to complete the mudding, taping, and finishing of the seams.

measuring tools for cutting drywall

One common wall material used in house construction is drywall, which is often interchangeably called wallboard, sheetrock, plasterboard or gypsum. Installing sheetrock is possible in numerous layouts depending on the condition of the wall studs, size of the room, and the room's function. Drywall can even be curved to form arches if the installer uses a thin sheet of gypsum, water, and care to form the wallboard.

sheet rock installation

Perhaps the most challenging tasks a novice or professional installer faces is finishing the inside and outside corners. These areas are often tedious and intimidating. Homeowners might also find it difficult to locate and properly cut the fixture and receptacle boxes. With careful measuring and the right tools, homeowners can finish their own home drywall installation. If you get frustrated with it and need someone to finish the project -or- if you'd rather have The Bizzzy Bee take your project from start to finish, call us today!


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